Toby Maguire – Managing Director

Toby has been featured in Forbes Magazine,  the Sunday Times and the Huffington Post for his work on managing stress and Corporate Wellness retreats.

He has been practicing the healing arts of the east for nearly twenty years and spent 13 years living in South East Asia where he worked and studied massage, Tai Chi and meditation.

In addition, he has studied hypnotherapy, acupuncture and nutrition and has worked with Hollywood actors, the Saudi royal family, Olympic and Paralympic gold medalists, premier league football players and members of the England rugby team.

He has also worked as both a health and wellness consultant and practitioner at some of the top destination spas in the world, including Ananda Himalayas, Aman resorts, Chiva Som, Six Senses, the Mandarin Oriental and the Bodyholiday, St Lucia.


Sonya Morton-Firth – Director of Health and Fitness

Sonya Morton Firth is a highly successful entrepreneur and the company’s Director of Health and Fitness. In addition to being a qualified personal trainer, Sonya brings a wealth of knowledge and experience form the corporate world where she worked as a Sales Director in the City for more than 14 years, travelling between London, New York, Miami and Europe.

In 2011, Sonya decided to leave the rat race and use her sales and marketing skills to become an entrepreneur, launching a brand of glamorous fitness wear for women. She then went on to use her experience to help other start-ups set goals, raise finances and provide advice and support when needed. At the same time, her passion for health and fitness led her to compete in body building competitions which tested her dedication, determination and willpower and took that City sales confidence to a new level. She now works back in the City taking on a new challenges, whilst still training, competing and writing health and fitness articles for a magazine


Meg Jackson – Yoga Instructor

Meg Jackson went to her first yoga class over 15 years ago and despite hating every minute of it, weirdly she was hooked. She is a Yoga Alliance 500 hours registered teacher, and throughout her career has taught to a variety of people in drafty village halls, massive corporations, nation-wide gyms, award-winning spas, and internationally renowned health resorts.

Today she is the founder of Real Life Yoga, a movement to help people find ways to bring a little (or a lot) of yoga into their real lives.