Stress Free Success Workshops at the Como Metropolitan, London.

With the expansion of modern technology, it is becoming more and more difficult to switch off to the influences around us, step back and be clear about what it is that we want out of life and take steps to start achieving them. Therefore, the Stress Free Success workshop is dedicated to those who wish gain greater clarity and insight as to who they are and what they want to achieve professionally, personally and spiritually.

For thousands of years, the philosophies of the East have stipulated that living a life of balance is the key to health, happiness and longevity. Having a career that you love, having time to take care of your health, making time for family and friends, seeking personal or spiritual development are all essential components that contribute to a healthy body and mind.


Who are they for?

The workshop is aimed at individuals who are finding it difficult to cope with the demands of modern living, contemplating a career change or looking to achieve more happiness and fulfillment in life. It is also aimed at those who wish improve their physical and psychological well-being or gain more insight into their very reason for living. The course also has a particular emphasis on teaching individuals on how to manage stress both in and out of the workplace.


What will I learn?

The three main areas addressed on the Stress Free Success course are Peace of Mind, Life Management and Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

Peace of Mind looks into the various different techniques and skills we can use, both short and long term, to overcome worry and anxiety. To do this, we will be looking into the origins of stress, the symptoms and the various psychological methods we can use to promote healthy, positive thinking such as meditation and mindfulness

workshopbanner2The Life Management part of the course focuses on the various areas of our lives we need to focus on to bring about positive and permanent change, such as health, family, friends, personal development, finances etc. Each area needs to be kept in balance if we are to create a positive frame of mind and a relaxed environment for us to live in.

The final part of the course, Healthy Body, Health Mind focuses more on how a healthy body supports a healthy mind and how negative thinking weakens the immune system. With a focus on physical exercise, breathing, nutrition and physical therapies, we will be looking into how small adjustments to our daily routines can provide us with positive, long term health results.

The workshops run from 10.00 to 17.00 and includes tea, coffee and a healthy lunch at the Met bar on the ground floor.  Attendees are requested to wear comfortable clothing for meditations. The one day workshops are suitable for individuals who do not have time to attend the European retreats.

Course fee £350. Early bird price when booked 21 days or more before the course date £295.

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