Six Senses, Douru Valley


Stress Free Success Spa Retreat

For a better state of mind.

Looking for a better way to cope with stress? Looking to discover your vocation or achieve a better work/life balance? Perhaps a pioneering workshop with a blissful break in beautiful surroundings is the answer.

Stress Free Success retreats at Six Senses, Douru Valley, Portugal are designed to provide a great insight on the negative effects of stress, how to reduce it and how to improve your physical and psychological well-being.

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Quinta Suite Accomodation

The four-night Stress Free Success retreats aim to educate guests on the negative effects of stress, how to reduce it and how to improve physical and psychological well-being.  They include an individual wellness assessment, two hours of daily themed workshops and seminars, Tai Chi, meditation and yoga classes, as well as fitness activities and a relaxing daily massage. Key topics will include Managing Stress, Life Management and Health Body, Healthy Mind, with practical advice and tips along the way.

Managing Stress looks into the various different techniques and skills we can use, both short and long term, to overcome worry and anxiety. To do this, we will be looking into the origins of stress, the symptoms and the various psychological methods we can use to promote healthy, positive thinking such as meditation and mindfulness.

The Life Management part of the course focuses on the various areas of our lives we need to focus on to bring about positive and permanent change, such as health, family, friends, personal development, finances etc. Each area needs to be kept in balance if we are to create a positive frame of mind and a relaxed environment for us to live in.

The final part of the course, Healthy Body, Health Mind focuses more on how a healthy body supports a healthy mind and how negative thinking weakens the immune system. With a focus on physical exercise, breathing, nutrition and physical therapies, we will be looking into how small adjustments to our daily routines can provide us with positive, long term health results.


DATES: January 26 to 30, 2017   &   March 26 to 30, 2017

PRICE: EUR 1,995 per person based on single occupancy or EUR 1,595 per person based on two people sharing a room

Price includes:  Four nights’ accommodation with Breakfast. Lunch for three days (set menu). Dinner for four days (set menu). Three morning and afternoon Stress Free Success sessions with Toby Maguire. Tea/coffee and snacks. One health & wellness assessment. Three group wellness activity classes. Three physical activity classes. Three 60-minute signature massages. Access to spa facilities

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