Meditation For Busy People

Meditation for Busy People is a one day workshop for those interested in learning more about the art of meditation.

Practised for many thousands of years, meditation is a skill that not only develops concentration, but also calms the mind in times of stress and uncertainty. It provides a valuable tool to improve our quality of sleep, build better relationships, gain clarity about our priorities in life and improve our physical health and psychological wellbeing.


During the one day workshop, you will gain a deeper understanding of how meditation works on a physical and psychological level, how it can be used to increase our creativity, improve our productivity and help us to feel more comfortable with who we are and with the people around us.  You will also learn how to incorporate meditation techniques into your working day by learning short meditations that can be practised anywhere and at any time.

You will also learn how to deal effectively with emotions such as anger, grief, anxiety and fear in addition to understanding how to deal with these negative emotions emanating from others. You will also gain an understanding of how best to set up a regular meditation practice which fits into the busiest of daily schedules.

During the workshops the following meditation techniques will be covered: Mindfulness, guided, sound, sitting, walking, breathing, chakra, relaxation, loving kindness, physical observation and mantras.

Meditation for Busy People workshops are held monthly at the Metropolitan Hotel, Mayfair, London, (please click here for workshops dates).The workshops run from 10.00 to 17.00 and includes tea, coffee and a healthy lunch at the Met bar on the ground floor.  Attendees are requested to wear comfortable clothing for meditations.

Course fee is £350 with an early bird fee of £295 when booking 21 days before the course date.