Working in Balance educates individuals and companies on the importance of self management. If you would like to overcome the physical and psychological symptoms of stress, improve your professional and personal relationships, have greater clarity of your goals and increase your physical health and psychological well-being, then this course is for you.

Working in balance is designed for companies who wish to:

Reduce staff turnover
Reduce absenteeism
Increase productivity
Have greater clarity of company goals
Achieve company targets more quickly, easily and efficiently
Improve work performance of company employees
Strengthen company moral
Improve managerial skills
Improve customer relations

It is designed for managers and company executives who wish to:

Overcome the physical and psychological symptoms of stress
Think more positively and creatively
Improve professional and personal relationships
Have greater control of their finances
Have greater clarity of their professional and personal goals
Improve their physical health
Improve their psychological well-being
Improve their confidence
Improve their managerial skills

“Toby provides a solution for a clear mind, reduced stress, clarity of thinking and the tools to manage the things that modern corporate life throws at you. The result is a healthier, better rested and more energetic me, which not only has increased the quality of my life in and out of work but also how successful I am in life.”
Roger, Management Consultant, London

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