Corporate Wellness Training

Corporate Wellness training is enjoyable, practical and informative education for staff and management on how to recognise and counteract the physical and psychological symptoms of stress. Up to 80% of middle and upper management in the UK experience excessive stress which not only leads to absenteeism, but also poor decision making, insomnia, depression, negativity and fatigue.

With 10.2% of the workforce taking medication for anxiety and depression and between 17-20% of the UK work force experiencing mental health difficulties brought on by work stress during their working lives, it is vital that employers and employees recognize the symptoms and have the correct knowledge at hand to manage it.

The Corporate Wellness training therefore provides proven methods to educate individuals on how to counteract these symptoms and focuses on stress management, life management, goal setting, meditation, nutrition, relaxation, holistic therapies and physical fitness. Armed with these tools, clients are then encouraged to make lifestyle changes to improve their emotional intelligence, physical and psychological wellbeing.


Where does corporate wellness training take place?

We can provide in house training to companies who have training facilities or alternatively we can organize conference rooms for Corporate Wellness training in and around central London. We recognise that many businesses will find it challenging to set aside time to run Corporate Wellness training and therefore we are flexible in our approach, providing training either during the day, evening or weekends.

What will I learn?

Course content is tailored to the requirements of each individual company.  The general areas that we focus on are: Managing Stress, Life Management and Healthy Body, Healthy Mind.

Managing Stress looks into the various different techniques and skills we can use both short and long term, to overcome stress in the workplace. Topics covered include: Mind management, emotional intelligence, the physical and psychological symptoms of stress, emotional vs intellectual problem solving, meditation, mindfulness, quick de-stress techniques, the breathing techniques for calming the mind and alternative therapies for stress.

The Life Management part of the course focuses on the various areas of our lives we need to focus on that support our psychological wellbeing inside of the working environment, such as health, family, friends, personal development, finances and hobbies. Topics include: Understanding human intellect, mind mapping, mastering human relationships, goal setting, personal “Success” planning, principles of living in balance, external support networks, empowerment and overcoming psychological obstacles.

The final part of the course, Healthy Body, Health Mind focuses more on how a healthy body supports a healthy mind and how negative thinking weakens the immune system. We will be looking into how small adjustments to our daily routines can provide us with positive, long term health results. Topics include: Nutrition, hydration, dietary tips for busy people, personalised exercise programmes, holistic therapies, the psychology of exercise and exercise at work.

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